I am humbled and honored to serve as the Grand Master's representative for St. Lawrence District for the ensuing year. My appreciation to the members of St. Francis Lodge for putting my name forward to the District as aspiring D.D.G.M. candidate and to the Brethren of the District for voting me onto the District Executive team, knows no bounds. The amount of support and guidance from all the brethren that I have received within the District to better prepare me for the responsibilities and duties of my office, has been both astounding and valued. I believe our District is fraternally strong, though not without challenges. The recent years have seen a steady rise in membership and I look forward to working together to ensure that Masonry remains vital and vibrant throughout our Grand Jurisdiction in general and our District in particular. In closing I am very grateful to the membership of my mother lodge, St. Francis #24. The membership that has been shown to me over the years has taught me tremendous humility and respect for our craft.




 Most Sincerely & fraternally

 Paul A. Weagle

 D.D.G.M. St. Lawrence District